Quick Facts & FAQs

How many industries is TA invested in?

TA is invested in four industries

  • Insurance
  • Hotels
  • Agrochemicals
  • Asset management

What insurance companies is TA invested in?

TA has invested in eight insurance companies

Which hotels is TA invested in?

TA is invested in Cresta Hospitality Holding

  • Cresta is a well established brand in Southern Africa.
  • Cresta Marakanelo is the largest operator in Botswana and is listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange.
  • Cresta has 12 hotels fully operational. Four are situated in Zimbabwe and eight are situated in Botswana.

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What agrochemical companies is TA invested in?

TA is invested in two agrochemical companies, both situated in Zimbabwe.

  • Sable, which is the sole manufacturer of ammonium nitrate fertiliser in Zimbabwe
  • ZFC, which is the largest local manufacturer and distributor of fertilisers and third largest distributor of agrochemicals

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What countries is TA invested in?

TA Holdings is invested in five countries in Africa:

I would like to be employed in one of the industries or companies you are invested in. How should I apply?

Each company that we are invested in has its independent management and Human Resources. You would need to apply to them directly.

What internship positions are available at TA?

TA Holdings takes interns or attachment students in the Finance Department. For other occupations you may apply directly to our investment companies.