Sable Chemical Industries

Sable Chemical Industries Ltd (Sable) is Zimbabwe's sole manufacturer of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. The company was formed in 1965 and started operations in 1969. The plant is located in Kwekwe which is approximately 220km from the capital city, Harare, and between 1 – 1.5km from the Harare Bulawayo main road. The company employs 472 people and is situated in KweKwe, a town located exactly mid-way between Harare and Bulawayo. Sable started operating on imported ammonia in 1969, before the commissioning of its own ammonia production facility in 1972. Sable also produces and sells gaseous oxygen, liquid oxygen, anhydrous ammonia and nitric acid. Sable owns and is situated on 65 000 acres of land and is practicing some commercial farming.

TA Holdings Ltd has a 51% stake in Sable Chemical Industries. Chemplex Corporation owns 36% and Norsk Hydro 12%. The balance is owned by the public.

Corporate Governance

Sable Chemical’s board of directors comprises of:

  • Mutasa, Shingai - Chairman
  • Brigadier- Genral Chanakira- Non-Executive Director
  • A Connolly - Non Executive Director
  • Nyajeka, Bothwell - Non-Executive Director
  • Kachere, M S - Non-Executive Director
  • J Chigwende  Director
  • V M Chasi - Director
  • Murehwa, J.P. - Chief Executive Officer

Postal Address:

Sable Chemical Industries Limited
P.O. Box 561

Physical Address:


Tel: +263 055 23601
Fax: +263 055 23611