Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health was launched in July 1999 as the first professional medical aid administration company in Zimbabwe. This was a joint venture between Anglo American Corporation Zimbabwe and Sovereign Health (Pvt) Limited of South Africa. Sovereign Health (Zimbabwe) Limited is now an established, well-recognised entity with a reputation for administrative efficiency that is second to none. Now jointly owned by Sovereign Health (Pvt) Ltd. South Africa and the TA Holdings Ltd through Zimnat, Sovereign Health has continued to grow.

Core Business

Sovereign Health's core business is health care financing and risk management, which, in short, involves provision of professional medical aid administration and management services.

Generation Health is a 'new generation' medical fund, which, whilst providing comprehensive medical cover, also guarantees individual choice and flexibility. Launched on 1 December 2000 with a refreshingly different product profile, the need then to 'shake the tree' and position for inevitable change was clearly evident. Since then the Fund has registered paced growth drawing from an impressive array of corporates across the business divide to small businesses and individuals. For those in sync with the changing environment, Generation Health has become the healthcare insurer of choice.

In view of the dexterity of its systems, through Independent Fund Management Contracting, Sovereign is also capable of providing independent fund management services to funds who may wish to retain their autonomy but lack motivation, possibly on account of their sizes and prohibitive costs, to acquire and maintain their own IT systems and professional staff.

Contact Details

2nd Floor
Zimnat House
Nelson Mandela Av/3rd Street

Tel: +263 4 793428/498/487
Fax: +263 4 790700

Toll Free Number: 0801 2222235

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