Zimnat Lion Insurance

Zimnat Lion is one of the largest short-term insurers in the country and the most comprehensive source of short term insurance cover. They are in the business of accepting insurable risks from clients using established techniques to spread the risks and paying for economic loss sustained when a loss materializes.

Zimnat Lion was incorporated in 1974 as Rhodesia National Farmers and General Insurance Company Limited. The company, as currently constituted, is a result of the merger of Zimnat Insurance Company Ltd with Lion of Zimbabwe Insurance Company Ltd, which created the largest short-term insurer in Zimbabwe then.

TA Holdings Ltd has a 100% stake in Zimnat Lion through its 100% holdings in Freecor Holdings Ltd and Bude Holdings Ltd. Freecor and Bude own 41,29% and 13,34% of Zimnat Lion, respectively. Its current constitution is a result of its merger with Lion Insurance Company Limited in January 1999, with TA as the major shareholder. In 2001 it was successfully listed onto the ZSE, as Zimnat Lion Insurance Company Limited. Zimnat Lion went on to be delisted on the 29th of July 2009 after TA successfully bought out all minority shareholders through a share swap.

Principal business

Zimnat Lion is a leading financial service organisation providing a diversified range of short term insurance products and services for individuals and corporations. The principal business of Zimnat Lion is underwriting short term insurance policies. The company’s activities cover the construction, motor industry, farming and domestic sectors. The company accepts insurable risks within its product portfolio from clients, and using established techniques spreads the risks and pays for economic loss sustained when a loss materialises. In order to reduce the potential exposure to any risk, Zimnat Lion in turn insures with reinsurers and in the event of a claim, the reinsurers participate in the claim in the same proportion they received premiums.

Zimnat Lion offers the following short term insurance products:

  • Motor insurance;
  • Industrial insurance;
  • Domestic insurance;
  • Bonds and guarantees and
  • Risk management and alternative risk financing.

Zimnat Lion operates from four branches located countrywide.

Corporate Governance

Zimnat Lion’s board of directors and senior management are as follows:

  • Nyajeka, Bothwell - Non-Executive Chairman
  • Sachak, Mustafa - Group Chief Executive
  • Gapara, Victor - Non-Executive Director
  • Mutambwa, Priscilla - Non-Executive Director
  • Chagonda, Innocent - Non-Executive Director
  • Patel, Sanjey - Non-Executive Director
  • Thorn, Cecil B - Non-Executive Director
  • S Mazorodze - Managing Director
  • S Naik - Non - Executive Director

Postal Address:

Zimnat Lion Insurance Company Limited
P. Box CY 1155

Physical Address:

Zimnat House
Corner Nelson Mandela Avenue / Third Street

Telephone numbers

+263 (04) 701176 or 707581-6
Toll Free: 08004241

Fax numbers +263 (04) 793441

E-mail: info@zimnat.co.zw

Web Page http://www.zimnatlion.co.zw