Our Operating Ethos

Although our background was that of a conglomerate we have since shed that yoke.

We focus on capital allocation and investing decisions in our investments. Our investment capital currently depends on our own balance sheet, but as we attract greater and more exciting opportunities, we will create special purpose vehicles to allow other partners to invest alongside us. We seek to tap into public capital markets throughout Africa as well as pools of private investors.

We review our investments in appropriate time cycles, generally within a five-year window. Our aim is not to get out of excellent performing assets but to make appropriate capital allocation decisions regarding our investments.

Relationship with Investee Companies

Each of our investments has independent boards that are the custodians of the business. Our team works with management to realise the goals that have been set by the boards of our investee companies.

We build expertise in the search, evaluation and execution of target opportunities. For existing investee companies we focus on monitoring them, developing their economic value and evaluating optimal equity divestment mechanisms at the appropriate time.

Our team of managers collectively has a reputation that allows them to view most of the interesting opportunities available, through private and public equity networking. They have the capacity to develop and unlock opportunities that exist in the public domain as well as the established private domain.

The team at TA works not only through the boards of the investee companies, but also with the management directly, to put in place strong monitoring metrics that effectively allow and instill strong discipline within the businesses. As boards normally meet quarterly, our team reviews monthly and if necessary works with even tighter budgets to keep the focus of our businesses in line with agreed plans and financial forecasts.

Where the operating team requires little or no support we pat ourselves on the back for having picked the correct team. Where the process of getting the ideal operating team in place is ongoing, TA has a team with the appropriate skill to support and oversee the business.

Beyond this, we work with our managers in continually creating the most optimal financial structure for our businesses. We are very active in identifying and seizing any financing or merger and acquisition

Management Incentivisation

TA seeks to motivate its management in exactly the same way as our investors through the creation of significant bold incentives with a view to creating partners out of them. Our objective is to make the management team general partners in the company so that they acquire their profit and wealth through the same avenues that the shareholders and investors do.

In our attempt to attract the best opportunities and managers, we continually pursue the most effective ways to attract the highest calibre of managers who will be able to align with shareholder interests.