Our Story

TA Holdings was established in 1935 as Tobacco Auctions Private Limited. Its founding chairman Mr Fred Cooksey launched the first auction floor in 1936. Less than thirty years later, in 1966, that floor would achieve a world first – the handling of more than 100 million pounds of tobacco in one season.

Although it was originally a single operation company - formed to serve tobacco farmers at a time when the world was in deep recession - even in those early days Tobacco Auctions diversified extensively enabling it to take advantage of the limitless opportunities presented.

This tradition has seen TA establishing a peerless track record having delved in diverse ventures with companies that thrived on and grew by producing goods and services that were chosen for their quality and price as well as the assurance to the user that they were fully covered by an organisation of reputation, dependability, stature and size.

This tenet continues today as TA concerns itself with improving the quality of people’s lives by helping to fill them with value.

TA was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 1964. Over the years TA diversified out of tobacco into an investment holding company.